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Seminar & Class Material

Shaolin Neigong for Health and Self Defense Seminar material:

This is the ONLY seminar in the world that shows both the health benefits AND the self defense benefits of the Shaolin Neigong set movements. No other seminar teaches the long hidden self defense aspects of neigong!

First, Mr. Canzonieri will be teaching the true ancient body mechanics, internal energy movement, healing benefits, and core body techniques of the pre-modern times Shaolin Qigong and Neigong, which date back to the Song Dynasty and perhaps further back to the Liang Dynasty. Most importantly, instruction will be given in HOW to feel the movements by using the deeper muscles, correct body mechanics, correct body alignment, and correct rooting.

Second, during the seminar, origin and history information will be covered, including who did these movements in ancient times and why, how the roots of the movements connect to ancient Tong Bei, how these movements also connect to the Staff, Double Sword, and Double Knives, how they are used for self defense, and most importantly, WHY the movements are done this way. Mr. Canzonieri will prove why these methods work best for self defense, show how they are done this way, and show some applications to the movements. Also shown will be how this Shaolin material is the link between Shuai Jiao / Tong Bei and Shaolin Long Fist, and how this Shaolin material is the true origin of and lays the proper foundation for a deeper understanding of Tai Ji Quan, Xinyi Quan / Xing Yi Quan, and Ba Gua Zhang internal styles. Without this true learning of the most ancient methods and body mechanics, one can attempt to practice internal martial arts for many decades but will never be able to generate any internal energy for healing and self defense.

As a foundation to the Shaolin material, Mr. Canzonieri teaches these Qi Gung sets that are part of the Shaolin Rou Gong (Soft or Supple Exercises) system:

  • The Liu He Gong Exercises (6 Harmony) – composed of 6 sets of special walking movements that unite breathing methods, acupuncture points and meridians, body mechanics, and self defense movements. The 6 Harmony movements are considered the primary foundation to all long fist applications, and the main starting point for the internal version of Shaolin martial arts. Each of the 6 exercises covers different meridians of the body. The main function of the 6 Harmony is to:
    – relieve anxiety, stress, and depression;
    – aid in mental health;
    – balance the emotions;
    – cleanse stagnation in the body;
    – increase respiratory capacity;
    – strengthen the joints and ligaments of the body;
    – and begin to correctly use Shaolin body mechanics that bridge to Tai Ji Quan (swing, sink, and point).
  • The Chan Yuan (Zen Circular) Exercises – composed of a series of 8-10 demanding internal movements and postures.  These movements are made to:
    – teach one to connect the upper and lower body into one functioning unit;
    – stimulate and balance the body’s meridian channels;
    – strengthen the waist / hip (kua in Chinese) inguinal fold area;
    – improve posture and back/spine structural problems;
    – increase internal strength and stamina;
    – generate energy;
    – and bridge between Shaolin and Tai Ji Quan (such as Brush Knee Twist Step and other movements);
    – self defense version of the exercise set exists as well.
  • The Luohan 13 Gong Exercises – composed of a series of 13 complex movements and postures. The movements:
    – emphasize the correct way to use the internal concepts of Yielding, Sinking, Absorbing, Transferring, and Pointing energy for both health and self defense.
    – combine the powers of meditation and movement into one smooth practice
    – are vigorous and feature special stepping patterns that are a bridge to Tai Ji Quan and Xing Yi stepping methods.
    – are made to enhance emotional health, vitality, muscle tone, internal strength, and internal cleansing of the bowels.
    – are a link to ancient Taoist methods also known as the Tai Ji 13 Gung, and Buddhist yogic movements originally from India.
    – also a powerful self defense set containing all these movements and some additional transitional movements that feature the full 18 Luohans.

After learning and MASTERING all 3 sets, the student will be able to have the CORRECT body mechanics and internal energy development and movement necessary to truly understand and perform the most ancient and traditional methods of Shaolin Long Fist and support a strong foundation for mastering the other internal arts of Tai Ji Quan, Xing Yi, and Ba Gua.

If interested in private and or public classes and seminars, contact Mr. Canzonieri via email:


Following are some responses to Shaolin Qigong Seminars given in 2008 and 2009 – Valencia Spain:

My name is Victor Santiago. For many years of my life I was training Judo, and today I am a Taichi trainer under instructions from Johan Duquet, a year and a half more or less. During may 23, may 24 and may 25 of the current year, I attended the Nei Gong seminar conducted by Salvatore Canzonieri.

At the end of the course, I remain very surprised about the ignorance, which some practitioners of any martial art, have about the origin of the same regarding to internal control and breathing. As conclusion, and about this ancient discipline, it was a very interesting experience, both from a cultural point of view as practical.

All of us noted that, the experience and knowledge of Salvatore Canzonieri are infinite, as well as his dedication and humility submitted to teach the course. Only to say that, in the future, I will attend to all seminars that Salvatore Canzonieri teach and that I recommend to anyone who is interested in these subjects. To congratulate both the professor Salvatore Canzonieri, as the organizer of the same Johan Duquet.

Thank you.

from Victor Santiago – Junio 2008


El contenido del seminario me ha permitido mejorar la fluidez y velocidad de respuesta de mi técnica, gracias al aprendizaje de algunas de las técnicas internas básicas, que permiten responder a gran cantidad de situaciones a partir de movimientos (aparentemente) sencillos. Salvatore puso a nuestra disposición y sin reservas, sus extensos conocimientos no sólo del kung fu tradicional, sino de otros estilos y artes marciales.

“The contents of the seminar has permitted me to improve the flow and reaction time of my techniques, thanks to learning some of the basic internal techniques, that allow responding to whole myriad of situations starting from some (to the eye) simple movements. Salvatore did not only reveal without holding anything back his extensive knowledge on traditional kungfu but also on other styles and martial arts.”

from Juan Guillermo Jordan Aldásoro

“The classes that Salvatore Canzonieri gave at the University of Valencia have been really useful for me to understand how to improve my gongfu technique by using adequate respiration and positioning. Additionally, Salvatore Canzonieri shared with us his great knowledge of martial arts history, and Shaolin history more specifically, with insight in many martial arts styles and interconnections.”

from Yves JULIEN


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