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“Natural Energetic Healing”

Natural Energetic Healing is healing that transforms and balances the subtle flow of energy in and around a person.

Using the Jindao methods, the nervous system; the muscular-skeletal structure; and the immune system are all worked together at one time to help reverse the aging process, boost health and vitality, and promote longevity and total wellness.

Gentle, natural exercises are performed to increase and balance the flow of energy through the body. The internal movements also develop balance, coordination, flexibility, muscle strength, and endurance.

Deep breathing is coordinated with the movements to promote relaxation and develop the mind-body connection.

This leads to the enhancement of physical, mental, and spiritual health. “Natural Energetic Healing” occurs that greatly help to provide relief from chronic aches and pains, negative feelings, and malfunctioning immune systems.

Energy Healing and Breathing Exercises

The program’s Natural Energetic Healing exercises are based on ancient Qigong (Chi Gung) movements that help heal the body from the inside out, producing three major changes in the body:

  1. Helps to rid the body of stagnant energy that is not moving freely. Stagnant energy is located where there are physical, emotional, mental, and psychic blockages.
  2. Raises the body’s energy levels so that its own natural healing capacities are stimulated and become strongly elevated.
  3. Helps to balance the body’s energy flow through the meridians and deeper energy channels and vessels.

The famous Dr. Oz, Oprah’s medical guru, on his television program, also espoused qigong as a way to “add years to your life”, reduce stress, promote longevity, cardiovascular care, and help alleviate chronic pain and fatigue symptoms.

People who work with Reiki Healing, Healing Touch, Massage, Yoga, and other related modalities can greatly benefit from our programs by enhancing their energy sensibilities.

Inner Strength Building Exercises

The program’s Inner Strength Building Exercises are based on ancient Natural Internal Arts that help strengthen the body from the outside in.

These techniques and postural movements are done efficiently and effectively using core body mechanics and correct alignment. Efficiently and effectively means it will be done intelligently and quickly without wasted energy or efforts by using brute force.

The postural movements develop and maintain strength, flexibility, sharp reflexes, self-confidence, and self-control. Also, Motor skills are greatly enhanced.

Correct posture, body alignment, and core body mechanics are emphasized.


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